About us

Nev founded Blackbird soaps in 2009 after seeing a bar of felted soap at The Portland Fiber Studios in Portland, Maine. The owner of the studio encouraged her to try making it herself and the result was excellent. As a long time crafter and artist Nev took to felted soap like a duck to water. Or maybe more accurately a sheep to water. We digress.

Joe was struck by the success of the soap and eagerly began learning the process. They decided to work together to make soap for the upcoming holiday show at the Maine College of Art, Nev’s alma mater.  Since then, Nev and Joe have made and sold thousands of bars of felted soap. Perfecting the process and creating some company secrets.

Nev lives in Portland, Maine working as a professional henna and multimedia artist, dancer and Dj. You can find her henna work at http://www.remarkableblackbird.com.

Joe lives in Eliot, Maine and spends some of his non-soap making time working with people with intellectual disabilities, playing the ukulele and herding chickens .