Blackbird Soaps, Maine made felted soap is hand crafted in small batches with all natural earth and animal friendly ingredients.
Each bar has a soft wool washcloth built onto it that offers a light exfoliating experience you can enjoy each day.

Scensheepdone.jpgted with 100% pure essential oils, we offer three fragrances: Lavender, Lemongrass, and Rosemary/Ylang ylang.  Our soap is milled and shaped by hand into our famous round bar, perfect for a cupped hand. Once its fully cured the fun begins. We hot felted with natural wool known as “roving”  and each colorful, fragrant bar is carefully inspected to insure the highest quality product every time.

Felted soap has many benefits, besides being beautiful and fun to use it offers a gentle loofah action. Its also ease to hold so is a treat for anyone of any age. People with compromised motor skills will love how easy it is to grip and kids say they can’t wait to get in the bath. A big perk is that it lasts many times longer than unfelted bar of soap. The wool surrounds the soap keeping from ending up down the drain.  When the soap is finally gone, you are left with a small pouch. We have seen it used in a variety of clever ways including, under an unfelted bar of soap to catch the “soap dish puddle”, cleaning scrubby or cat toy. Tell us what you use it for!

With a full palette of colors to match any decor, Blackbird Soaps makes a unique and surprising gift. Our round bar fits perfectly in the toe of a Christmas stocking, makes a great Hanukkah present, perfect party favor and adds color and texture to a wedding table setting, Easter basket or accompanying a bouquet of flowers.
Our felted soap is a labor of love. We are proud of our products and use it daily.

We hope you enjoy Blackbird Soaps too.